Monday, October 15, 2012


The most popular reward tier of the Kickstarter campaign I held last month was the "Still Life League" in which donors will receive a 6 x 6 inch drawing in graphite on bristol paper of an inanimate object of their request. 

This is turning out to be harder than I thought.  I am surely over-drawing these.  For example, this person requested "A coffee cup" but I ended up making this:
Another person wanted me to draw a "Herfy's burger in wrapper" which was a nod to our shared Pacific Northwest upbringing and the very first painting I ever did in junior high.  But when I was doing a little research on the Herfy's packaging, I came across one of their Wacky Burgerboxes and had a crippling flashback.  So I drew it. . . I hope the requester doesn't mind.
Another nice person asked for "whatever" which is actually harder then you might think.
The clear cut call for a "Block Plane" was actually really fun as my very first drawing rushes came during my Drafting class in High School.  Can you sense the nostalgia I've been wallowing in?
Romantically, two patrons who are currently dating (I think) independently requested the same thing.  "Leaves." So I drew them as one piece and cut the paper afterwards 
I've still got nine more drawings to make.  I need to finish them this week and I will post them soon.  In the meantime, Atelier LaRose will be hosting the third AnyOne CanDraw session tonight.  Lisa will be the model. 

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