Tuesday, October 09, 2012

AnyOne CanDraw, 2

We held our second session of AnyOne CanDraw last night.  There were 13 people in attendance and there was definitely room for more.  The fabric we hung from the girder was a big hit, although it has some idiosyncrasies we need to iron out.  The intrinsic swingy nature makes the pod more difficult for longer poses.  Gestures are cooler anyway.

Sarah Burns

Eve Golden

Ann DiSalvo

Gabriel Mark Lipper

Kevin Christman

Kevin Christman

Inger Jorgensesn

After everyone left, Inger took some time to goof around with the fabric
We pulled the stage out of the way and gave Gabe some sharpies.
It took us far too long to add some paper.
Gabe reaches one extreme of his periodic oscillation.
He swoops in for his calculated mark.
He follows through with multiple degrees of freedom. . .
. . . and tags the photographer.

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