Wednesday, October 03, 2012

AnyOne CanDraw, 1

You might remember the post about my Kickstarter idea.  This last Monday I was able to host the first night of AnyOne CanDraw.  It was a classic double edged sword.  Yipee, people gave me money. . . oh shit, now I've got to do it. 

I made my stage, now I've got to draw from it. 

Over Gabe's shoulder on the two minute gestures.
I was sweeping up the router dust when the model showed up.  The dust was generated from the beveled corners of the stage I was frantically throwing together.  "Frantically" and yet, I wanted it to be perfect.  "Perfect" but within my budget. 

I wanted the stage to be sufficiently squishy and comfortable for the model, but not so-much-so that feet were lost in clouds of foam or naps were induced.

This fingernail polish amplified the laws of light.
I am open for suggestions regarding the stage's skirt.  Part of me wants to faux marble it, while the  action figure on my other shoulder is shouting "FLAT BLACK"

Like I said, Gabe was there and he generated this drawing.  

You can see a different point of view in the collection below from Kevin.
(I love the drawing on the right not only because our model had such fantastic hair (and Kevin wittingly avoided its complexities), but she was our first model to "work" my new stage and she took full advantage of my freshly routed edges.  Flopping powers).

My drawing from this pose wigs me out because it seems like I was getting somewhere but was prolly spending too much time getting the music dialed in and sharpening pencils. 

Ann DiSalvo was there.  I was on the other side of the stage.

Our model made an interesting observation.  She had been previously accustomed to posing in a theatrical way.  She takes pride in generating compositions for the audience.  Atelier LaRose is set up in-the-round which means there are more challenging or wonky points-of-view in the room.

Our model took challenging poses:

I have never been able to hang a rope from the ceiling before.  I had high hopes for a rope.  It turns out that a rope is different from a staff. 

I had a big rush when I realized that ALL my tools were in the room.  I could do whatever I wanted!  At one point I grabbed some Prismacolor markers.  I love those things. . . but they aren't archival and fade. 

I tossed ten pens in the dustbin after this session.
AnyOne CanDraw with good tools.


Mary Addison Hackett said...

I vote for a naval battle scene for the stage skirt.
I'm impressed by your carpentry skills. To put it lightly.

Jane Richlovsky said...

How about evenly-spaced vertical stripes, in black & white, or, if you're feeling ambitious, a gray scale? People can use them to sight & measure, or just for fun.